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Hemorrhoids and crayotherapy treatment ANUREX®:

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You have nothing to loose by learning more about this amazing new method of ANUREX® and crypthoterapy!

In fact you may learn how to obtain prompt relief, you have been looking for and how to avoid painful surgery!

ANUREX® can be used whenever there is a pain, swelling, itching, bleeding or general anal irritation. In addition it is safe for pregnant women and individuals allergic to certain products.


ANUREX® is a medical device (applicator) made of medically approved surgical plastic and size of a small finger.
ANUREX® employs crayotherapy for immediate relief of pain, itching, inflammation and bleeding of hemorrhoids.
ANUREX® applicator contains scientifically formulated coolant which is capable of freezing and than dispensing a controlled degree of cold directly to the external and internal rectal tissue. This cooling action causes the blood vessels in the effected area to temporarily shrink, which in turn soothes the swollen tissue, helping to reduce bleeding, pain and itching.
ANUREX® when used as directed, encourages the inflamed hemorrhoidal tissue to heal.
ANUREX® works for both external and internal hemorrhoids.
ANUREX® can be used when other medications cannot be applied or do not work!

ANUREX® has been developed in the USA in 1986, patented and clinically proven to be safe and effective remedy for hemorrhoids. Conducted clinical study’s using cryotherapy method and for the treatment of hemorrhoids in the USA, Canada, Germany, France and Spain has proven 95% effectiveness in relief from hemorrhoidal symptoms.

ANUREX® is registered with health Ministries in the USA, Canada and other parts of the World! Anurex reputation has gained World attention and trough many international written medical journals and publications.

   Each ANUREX® set contains:

1. ANUREX® Device.
2. ANUREX® storage container.
3. ANUREX® lubricant 10g.
4. ANUREX® manual instruction.
5. ANUREX® protection box.